The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill


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“Concrete Jungle” is the opening track on Bob Marley’s and The Wailer’s 1971 release and fifth studio album “Catch A Fire.”

This part of The “Concrete Jungle” was sampled by Lauryn Hill on “Forgive Them Father.”

“Forgive Them Father” was recorded at Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston, Jamaica – the studio that Bob Marley actually built himself.

Hill says that Bob Marley is one of her biggest inspirations, and that he deserves to win a Grammy.  She is also the mother of late Marley’s grandchildren.

Bob Marley is reggae’s most iconic artist and was the first Jamaican musician to achieve worldwide exposure and acclaim.

“Concrete Jungle” was written by Bob Marley, and includes instrumentation by bassist Robbie Shakespeare, lead guitarist Wayne Perkins, and organist Tyrone Downie.

Marley was inspired by his move to the US to join his mother when he wrote “Concrete Jungle.”

With “Catch A Fire,” Bob Marley & the Wailers not only bridged the gap between deep-rooted Jamaican music and commercial pop, but paved the way for the sound of reggae as a music genre.

The album sold about 14,000 copies the first few weeks, and peaked at 171 on Billboard’s 200 chart and 51 on Billboard’s R&B Chart – a phenomenal achievement for reggae music.

Catch A Fire brought Bob Marley & The Wailers newfound fame and success, but also caused the original group members to only make one more album together following this release.

In 1999, Lauryn Hill remixed a song by Bob Marley & The Wailers called “Turn Your Lights Down Low,” originally released in 1977.

In 1973, Atlanta elected their first Black Mayor, Maynard Jackson.  He was also the first Black Mayor in a major Southern city.

On August 11, 1973, DJ Kool Herc hosted a Back To School Jam Party at 1520 Sedgwick Ave, where he played only the drum breaks of jazz/soul songs.  This is officially known as the moment hip-hop was born.

Lauryn said it wasn’t always her vision to completely produce and write her own solo album, until she realized her songs felt too personal.

Hill said once she started considering the songs for herself, they naturally led her to make “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.”


Catch A Fire

Album Credits

Bob Marley - Vocals, Guitar
Bob Marley And The Wailers - Arrangment
Vartan - Art Director
John Bonis of CCS - Artwork
Marcia Griffiths - Background Vocals
Rita Marley - Background Vocals
Aston (Family Man) Barett - Bass
Bunny Livingston -
John "Rabbit" Bundrick -
Margaret Goldfarb -
t42design - Design
Carlton (Carly) Barrett - Drums
Carlton Lee - Engineering
Stu Barrett - Engineering
Tony Platt - Engineering
Peter McIntosh - Piano, Vocals, Organ, Guitar
Ted Jensen - Mastering
Neville Garrick -
Chris Karen - Percussion
Francisco Willie Pep - Percussion
Winston Wright - Percussion
Adrian Boot - Photography
Arthur Gorson - Photography
Bob Marley - Producer
Chris Blackwell - Producer
Jason Pastori -
David Lascelles -
Jane Hitchin -
Zoe Roberts -
Bill Levenson -
Maxine Stowe -