The Mack (1973)

TitleThe Mack (1973)
Publication TypeAudiovisual (film)
Year of Publication1973
AuthorsCampus, Michael, and Robert J. Poole
PublisherHarbor Productions
Place PublishedOakland, California
Publication Languageeng
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THe Mack is a 1973 "blaxploitation" film starring Max Julien and Richard Pryor. Although the movie was produced during the era of other blaxploitation films, such as Dolemeite, its producers do not label it a true blaxploitation picture. They believe it to be a social commentary, according to Mackin' Aint Easy, a documentary about ht emaking of the film, which can be found on the DVD edition. The movie is set in Oakland, California and was the biggest-grossing "blaxploitation" film of its time. Its soundtrack was recorded by Motown artist, WIllie Hutch