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The outcome of the 2016 presidential election will not simply be decided by whether blacks and millennials of color step up and go out to vote. We NEED to vote in large numbers. The real outcome of this election is based on how past and present politicians have and have not represented and protected ALL of America. It is about how activism and education around issues is exploited and attacked without serious discussion.  It is about how the history of the politics of race, gender, social class, sexual orientation, religion, regionalism and citizenship are represented and included in American politics.  The Hiphop Nation has NEVER been silent on these issues.

We vote because we believe that this country is great when it celebrates all of us.  As Jay Z writes, “The joke’s on them because they’re really fighting phantoms of their own creation.”  We will not quietly do what we are told.  We know our ancestors have given and sacrificed far too much for us to walk away when things get hard. The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute (HARI) has been collecting and archiving Hiphop’s political involvement since its beginning.  In recognition of this important election, and as a high five to our current President Barack Obama, we are opening our vaults and offering a countdown to the election. We invite you to comment and participate in activities and add items and moments from your collection as well.


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From the early warnings of The Message as Melle Mel describes the neighborhood decay and devastation as well as Public Enemy’s history, political lessons and critique of society in addition to today’s cry for justice, Hiphop has provided culturally engaging civics education resources for American youth. 

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