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Stand Up for Women and Girls

Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk
Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run

Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly
So I'ma spread my wings, you can meet me in the sky (Jay Z)

Hiphop means saying what I want - never bite my tongue
Hiphop means teaching the young (Dead Prez)

We are taking a stand. For the little girls sneaking listens to their big brothers’ Nas albums when their parents aren’t home. For the video performers who come under fire for their pride in their bodies. For the double-dutch rhymers and backstreet freestylers. For every talented rapper who is relegated to the “female MC” list in a culture that seems to only recognize a rapper as a default male. For the girls all around the world who are hustling and working to make their dreams come true. For all the men, women, families and communities who want their women and girls to not just survive –– but to thrive. To all the women holding down their own in the game, we salute you!

Our political world can elect a woman president.  We expect even more.  We demand and will work toward a world that includes all of us.   We intend to create a bond between the women in hiphop today, to the women who paved the way and cleared the stage. By cementing these earlier contributions and simultaneously highlighting moves being made in the present, we look forward to the future while keeping our roots in hiphop strong. Roots that will continue to grow deep into the soil for generations to come. Roots that continue to flourish and give rise to a magnificent tree standing strong...for women and girls.

Pharell in NC 2016

We found Pharell's discussion from CSuiteMusic. His discussion of the word "minority" at the end is worth it. Click the image below to see why he's happy to vote.