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For the little girls sneaking listens to their big brothers’ and sisters' Nas albums when their parents aren’t home. For the video vixens who come under fire for their pride in their bodies. For the double-dutch rhymers and backstreet freestylers. For every talented rapper who is relegated to the “female MC” list in a culture that seems to only recognize a rapper as a default male. For the girls all around the world who are hustling and working to make their dreams come true. For all the men, women, families and communities who want their women and girls to not just survive –– but to thrive. To all the women holding down their own in the game, we salute you!

Photo by CreativeSoul Photography

Who runs the world? GIRLS!

Every day in hiphop is a day we celebrate women. The month of March is when we take our daily celebration to the next level. The 2019 HARI Women’s History Month Series will establish a knowledge base, highlight key woman figures in and around hiphop and explore the significance of women in the development of the genre and its sound. The series will also celebrate the centrality of women in continually and creatively shaping and changing the world. #StandUp4WnG

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