Dreams Deferred and Dreams Denied

TitleDreams Deferred and Dreams Denied
Publication TypeArticle
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsDíaz-Strong, Daysi, Christina Gómez, María E. Luna-Duarte, and Erica R. Meiners
PublisherAmerican Association of University Professors
Publication Languageeng


"Undocumented students need both access and services to succeed--and often, they get neither.

Luz came to the United States from Mexico at eleven months old with her mother. She graduated from a suburban Chicago high school in 2007 with an ACT score of 29 (out of a possible 36). Accepted by all four universities to which she applied, she selected a private college in Chicago that offered her a generous scholarship. Even with the scholarship, however, Luz had to leave the college after one semester for a much more affordable community college." ...