For Colored Girls

TitleFor Colored Girls: Who Have Considered Suicide/ When The Rainbow is Enuf
Publication TypeAudiovisual (CD/DVD)
Year of Publication1982
AuthorScott, Oz
PublisherEducational Broadcasting Corporation
Publication Languageeng
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The history of black women in America: having emigrated on a purely involuntary basis, they became slaves to white America and nurturers to white America's offspring. They were rewarded by being the last Americans given the right to vote. This explosive, vivid "choreopoem" illuminates the story of black women in America as they celebrate in song, poetry and dance their strength, beauty and enormous capacity for love. The seven women comprising the cast, including author Ntozake Shange, share with the viewer their exuberance for life and their ability to begin again, no matter how ridiculous the odds.