Four Women

Four Women: A film by Julie Dash
TitleFour Women: A film by Julie Dash
Publication TypeAudiovisual (video)
Year of Publication1979
AuthorsDash, Julie, and Linda Martin Young
PublisherThird World Newsreel
CityNew York, NY
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An imaginatively choreographed dance interpretation of the ballad by Nina Simone on four common stereotypes of Black women.

Set to Nina Simone's stirring ballad of the same name, Julie Dash's dance film features Linda Martina Young as strong "AuntSarah," tragic mulatto "Saffronia," sensuous "Sweet Thing and militant "Peaches." Kinetic camerawork and editing, richly colored lighting, and meticulous costume, makeup and hair design work together with Young's sensitive performance to turn longstanding Black female stereotypes to oblique, critical angles.

- Jacqueline Stewart, L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema Exhibit