Immigration Reform: Keeping Up the Pressure

TitleImmigration Reform: Keeping Up the Pressure
Publication TypeArticle
Year of Publication2010
AuthorGonzales, Alfonso
Newspaper/MagazineNACLA Report on the Americas
PublisherNorth American Congress on Latin America
Publication Languageeng

"The day before President Obama’s first State of the Union speech on January 27, activists from Casa de Maryland, an immigrant rights organization, and their allies blocked streets and rallied in front of the Department of Homeland Security office in Washington. They denounced the Obama administration’s inaction in pursuing comprehensive immigration reform—meaning, at a minimum, regularizing the status of 'illegal' immigrants and doing away with draconian enforcement practices.

'I want to tell President Obama that I voted for him,' said Rosario Hernández Cruz, a U.S. citizen originally from Mexico City, as she squatted in a busy intersection to block traffic. 'It was the first time I voted in this country after becoming a citizen. I voted for him with the expectation that he would come back and provide us with just a little bit of justice, because justice means legalizing people. And I would like the president to understand that he has a commitment not only to the Americans, the white or African American North Americans, but also to us, because we are now citizens too and we are all building this country together.'" ...