Liquid Swords The Chess Box (Box Set)

TitleLiquid Swords The Chess Box (Box Set): 2xCD: Full Album plus Instrumentals, Full Miniature Chess Set, Extended Artwork plus Linder Notes with GZA
Publication TypeAudiovisual (CD/DVD)
Year of Publication2012
PublisherGeffen Records
Place PublishedSanta Monica, CA
Publication Languageeng
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CD Box Set

Disc 1:

1, Liquid Swords

2, Living In The Word 

3, Living In The World Today

4, Gold

5, Cold World

6, Labels

7, 4th Chamber

8, Shadowboxin'

9, Hell's Wind  Staff

10, Killah Kills 10304

11, Investigative Reports

12, Swordsmen

13, I Gotcha Back

14, B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth)

Disc 2: (All Tracks in Instrumental Form)