The Last Holiday

TitleThe Last Holiday: A Memoir
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorScott-Heron, Gil
Number of Pages315
PublisherGrove Press
CityNew York
Publication Languageeng
ISBN or ASIN Number2147483647
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In a musical career spanning five decades, Gil Scott-Heron released twenty albums and many seminal singles, including "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," "Home Is Where the Hatred Is," "Winter in America," and "The Bottle." A key figure in the creation of spoken word poetry who went on to be frequently cited as the godfather of rap, Scott-Heron's poetic output was by turns socially conscious, savagely satirical, and disarmingly tenderhearted. His death in May 2011 robbed American of one of its most eloquent and influential artists.

The Last Holiday is a remarkable glimpse into the life of Gil Scott-Heron and is a fitting testament to the career and achievements of an extraordinary man.