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Smith, Frankie. Double Dutch Bus., 1981.
Jones, Quincy. The Dude. A&M Records, 1981.
Striplin, Sylvia. Give Me Your Love. Uno Melodic Records, 1981.
Jazzmen, God Rest Ye Me. God Rest Ye Merry Jazzmen. CBS Records, 1981.
Marie, Teena. It Must Be Magic. Gordy, 1981.
Pendergrass, Teddy. It's Time For Love. New York: CBS Records, 1981.
Distractions, Johnny and The. Let It Rock. A&M, 1981.
Mangwana, Sam. L'International. Paris, France: Sam Production, 1981.
Williams, Deniece. My Melody. American Recording Company, 1981.
Vandross, Luther. Never Too Much. New York: CBS Records, 1981.
Dream, Pieces of a. Pieces of a Dream. Discovery, 1981.
Dream, Pieces of a. Pieces of a Dream. New York: Asylum Records, 1981.
Lefever, Harry G.. Playing the Dozens: A Mechanism for Social Control In Phylon. Vol. 42., 1981.
Scott-Heron, Gil. Reflections. Arista Records, 1981.
Crawford, Randy. Secret Combination. Warner Bros. Records, 1981.
Bensusan, Pierre. Solilali. Rounder Records, 1981.
Bofill, Angela. Somethign About You. New York: Arista Records, 1981.
Bofill, Angela. Something About You. Arista Records, 1981.
Vaughan, Sarah. Songs of the Beatles. Atlantic Records, 1981.
Montgomery, Wes, and Claus Ogerman. Tequila. Polygram Records, 1981.
Knight, Gladys, and The Pips. Touch. CBS Records, 1981.
Laws, Debra. Very Special. Los Angeles, CA: Elektra/Asylum Records, 1981.
Wells, Brandi. Watch Out. WMOT Records, 1981.
Khan, Chaka. What Cha' Gonna Do for Me. New York: Warner Bros. Records, 1981.