Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 ChambersReleased: 1993Wu-Tang Clan

Album Credits

Trevor Williams - A&R
Jacqueline Murphy - Art Director
Amy Wenzer - Design
GLC Sound Studios - Editing
Carlos Bess - Engineering
Ethan Ryman - Engineering
Nolan 'Dr. No' Moffitte - Assistant Engineer
Dennis Coles - Executive Producer
Mitchell Diggs - Supervisor, Executive Producer
Oli Grant - Supervisor, Executive Producer
Robert Diggs - Executive Producer
John GIbbons - Management, Supervisor
John Hamilton - Management
Jonathan Lugo - Management
Mike McDonald - Management, Supervisor
Vince Hamlin - Management
Chris Gehringer - Mastering
Ghost Face Killer - Vocals
The Method Man - Vocals
Ol' Dirty Bastard - Vocals
Shallah Raekwon - Vocals
Rebel INS - Vocals
U-God - Vocals
Cartel - Set Designer, Photography
The Genius "The GZA" - Vocals
Daniel Hastings - Photography
The 4th Disciple - Scratches
Richard Bravo - Set Designer
Theodore Michael - Supervisor
The Wu-Tang Clan - Writer
Prince Rakeem "The RZA" - Programming, Producer, Vocals, Mixing, Arrangment