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"To pass through life and miss music is to miss out on one of the best things about living.’

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers are best known for their hit jazz song, “Moanin’” which resembles influence from Miles Davis’ “So What.”

Max Roach, American jazz drummer and composer, reminisced "Art was an original... He's the only drummer whose time I recognize immediately. And his signature style was amazing; we used to call him 'Thunder.'"

Art said "I play the way I feel and try to get my message across. If the horn man knows who he is and has something to say, he’ll make himself heard."

The Jazz Messengers had always been an incubator for young talent. In the '80s, precocious graduates of Blakey's School for Swing would continue to number among jazz's movers and shakers.

Art named this album upon converting to the faith of island and changing his name to "Art Ibn Buhaina."

Art Blakey was born in 1919 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, where he was the foster son in a Seventh Day Adventist Family, learning the piano as he learned the Bible, mastering both at an early age.

Art's thoughts on what makes jazz special. 

Art Blakey and The Messengers at Ronnie Scott's.