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Jack McDuff, or Brother Jack McDuff, was one of the handful of leading exponents of thesoul jazz style created on Hammond organ by Jimmy Smith in the late 1950s.

Brother Jack McDuff’s Moon Rappin’ is just a wacky title of a wacky concept album.  Included in the gatefold sleeve is a wacky poem about Brother Jack and Brother Moon.

Moon Rappin’” is one of Brother Jack Mcduff’s most ambitious efforts, a loose concept album that finds the organist exploring funky and spacy soundscapes.

Unlike most McDuff records, there isn’t a steady groove that flows throughout the record – the album flies into atmospheric territory that isn’t strictly soul jazz, but it’s far from free.

He taught himself organ and piano in the mid-'50s, and began gaining attention working with Willis Jackson in the late '50s and early '60s.

McDuff made his recording debut in 1960, playing in a band with Jimmy Forrest. They made a pair of outstanding albums: Tough Duff and The Honeydripper.